• Residential/Commercial IT Security

    Security risks not only endanger your data, but your reputation, your business and possibly your client. You may have liabilities that you are unaware of. Our free no obligation review can give you peace of mind and let you worry about the things that are important to you, Your Business! The following are some of the items covered in our review. The actually items reviewed will be based on your needs.

    • Wireless Security & Access
    • Data security and encryption
    • Disaster recovery check
    • Email Security and Policies
    • Backup solutions and security
    • Cloud system analysis

    Home uses and small business can also benefit from our security services. Our reviews can make sure your neighbors are not snooping through your wireless connections. We can make sure your emails are secured and your PC has the defenses needed in today’s online world.

    We have partnered with some of the largest names in the IT security business. Cisco, AVG and Microsoft are just some of the partners we work with to make sure our client’s data are secure. We also offer:

    • Real-time Monitoring
    • AVG Cloudcare
    • Secured Switches and Routers
    • Notification emails
    • Remote monitoring and resolution


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