• Residential/Commercial Computer Networking and Consulting

    Your computer network is the foundation supporting the technology you use to run your business and support your employees and customers. Let our experts design a network to provide the speed, reliability, security and expandability to support your organization and help you achieve your goals.

    Network Support

    As a business owner or manager, do you have business processes or departments where you would like to increase productivity, reliability, or efficiency ? Let our consultants review these areas with you. Using our knowledge of your industry and our past experience with other companies like yours, we will work with you and your staff on a technology plan to accomplish your goals.

    Server Installation, Configuration, and Support

    Servers are the key component to any business network. When installed and maintained properly, servers are the backbone of all organizations and are critical to staying in business and staying profitable.

    Branch Office Support

    We know that setting up a branch office carries a degree of risk for any business, particularly if it is in a foreign market. Our knowledge and industry specific IT packages can make all the difference if you're thinking of expanding your business into a new market. We can provide on-site IT support, connectivity services, hardware, and more. We work with the IT department or service provider of your head office to get you set up quickly and start working immediately.