• Residential/Commercial Virus and Spyware Removal

    To minimize future repair bills, consider a Service Agreement with Computer Design Center. Our technicians can provide you with a comprehensive plan to provide preventive and predictive maintenance to help you keep all your equipment up and running efficiently. With the cost of running your equipment being a significant part of your monthly over head, it only makes sense in that it will save you both time and money to maintain your equipment in peak operating condition.

    Not ready to sign a service agreement? Not a problem. Give us a call today to schedule a tune-up of your equipment. One of our friendly service technicians will help you in keeping your system working efficiently. We recommend performing a tune-up twice a year to properly maintain your system.

    Virus Removal

    • 100% success ratio!
    • All new variants caught
    • We succeed where others have failed

    Spyware Removal

    • Remove pop-ups and spyware
    • Speed up your computer
    • Remove security risks

    Computer Design Center is a leading corporate computer repair service company. We've fixed thousands upon thousands of computer issues and we're happy to fix your problems and or make recommendations as well. We strive to repair your computers quickly and accurately because we know that every minute one of your employees can't work means you're losing money. As a small business ourself we know that every dollar is important and every dollar counts.